Is AI news prevalent today?

Is AI coming for the creatives? Can you tell the difference between AI and Human creativity?

Is AI news prevalent today?


The most touchy area of AI content concerns creative writing. Can AI produce innovative ideas on par with human creativity? Swiss director Peter Luisi poked the beehive when he used a generative artificial intelligence chatbot to write a new movie and gave AI the screenwriting credit. The outcry was so significant that the cinema canceled the premiere. Can you blame them? Tech companies have repeatedly assured the public that AI would be completely unable to take over creative fields, yet a movie was produced and made with a chatbot.

Below are some movie plots, some developed by AI and some real movies written and produced by humans. Can you spot the difference?

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A senior partner at a prestigious New York law firm, is stuck as the firm's "fixer" rather than practicing law. His gambling addiction keeps him from walking away from the firm when they charge him to deal with morally dubious tasks. Additionally, the partner's coworker is having a mental breakdown while leading a significant case against an agrochemical company. The company is accused of contaminating water with cancer-causing chemicals, which is true. After discovering his friend has been murdered for figuring out the truth, the partner must expose the company's wrongdoing before they kill him for knowing the truth.

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Meadowbrook Manor unravels during a serene weekend retreat at a grand English countryside manor. Invited by the enigmatic Lady Ashcombe, a diverse group of guests—ranging from a famed novelist to a reclusive painter—find themselves embroiled in a web of secrets when a storm isolates them from the outside world. As tensions rise and hidden connections emerge, the retreat transforms into a psychological puzzle. Each guest must confront their past and unravel the true purpose of their invitation. The climax reveals shocking ties to the manor's history, changing their lives forever.

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In the isolated Icelandic countryside, a sheep gives birth to a human/sheep hybrid with a human body and a lamb's head.  A farmer's wife raises the lamb/human hybrid as her own. Meanwhile, the farmer's ne'er-do-well brother arrives on the scene and makes sexual advances to his sister-in-law and denies. After a night of carousing, the brother-in-law blackmails the farmer's wife for murdering the hybrid's sheep mother in order to pressure her into sex. The farmer's wife pretends to be seduced but locks her brother-in-law up instead. The hybrid's biological father, a hybrid sheep/man, arrives at the farm, shoots the farmer, and kidnaps his hybrid lamb/human daughter. He retreats with her into the countryside. The farmer's wife arrives back to the farm and finds her dying husband. She searches for her hybrid lamb/daughter in vain.

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In a secluded cabin deep within Sweden's icy forests, a writer seeking solitude begins hearing whispers in the wind and eerie footprints outside. As blizzards isolate the cabin, strange occurrences escalate: shadows move independently, furniture rearranges, and old photographs reveal sinister figures. The writer unearths a journal detailing a tragic love affair and a pact with dark spirits made by previous inhabitants. Each night, the cabin's temperature drops, freezing time itself. Desperate, the writer uncovers a chilling truth—spirits demand a sacrifice to break the curse. With time running out, they must confront the malevolent force before succumbing to the frozen abyss.

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