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Prestigious HBCU Launches AI Teaching Assistants

Prestigious HBCU Launches AI Teaching Assistants

We recently blogged about how many educators use AI to write reference letters. The  AI revolution has now advanced to rolling out AI Teaching Assistants. Welcome to the AI-versity. AI is deeply embedded within our educational systems, from curriculum planning to lesson design. That makes AI detection more critical than ever. Read on for a quick guide on how to adapt to these changes as a student.

What to do if you have an AI Teaching Assistant

Ask about AI Policy

First, ask about the official AI policy across the university and in the professor’s classroom. Don’t automatically  assume that the professor will be AI-friendly or that the university has now opened up the use of AI by its students. You may be surprised at how hostile educators are to AI while using it themselves. As has been noted in our Student Resource Guide, campus policy and classroom policy might differ. Your professor may disagree with using AI, even if your central administration is open to an AI Teaching Assistant.

What type of content is allowable?

Second, ask about how to use the information generated by the AI teaching assistant. What kinds of questions are you allowed to ask? Make sure to ask for examples. The AI teaching assistant will generate content for you. Are you allowed to copy and paste that copy into an assignment? If not, what can you do with it? Ask concrete questions on boundaries regarding its use. Focus on specific examples and numbers (how many words should be changed) and allowable prompts and questions.

Get to known the human professor

Third, ask for the professor’s office hours and show up. AI teaching assistants take the pressure off of professors (and human TAs) to hold office hours, but they are still important, and you should make sure to ask for them or prompt your university to ask your professor to maintain a few hours every week.

Build a relationship with your human professor. Our education series has focused on the importance of relationships and keeping cool, even when you know your educators have used AI. Although the AI teaching assistant might be able to clear up confusion 90% of the time, it’s still important to end your college experience with a relationship with a human professor. Above all, being memorable matters. A professor will have your back if they know who you are and can put a face to a name. Accidental accusations are likely to happen as policies are cleared up. Remember that this is all new territory for everyone—your university and professor included. All things considered, invest in a good AI Detector so you have mental peace on your side.

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