As much as people tried to fight it, acceptance of AI writing is creeping into the collective consciousness. AI freelance writing is now a thing. You can pick up contracts on Fiverr. People own digital portfolios of sites that are entirely made up of AI content. What does this mean to a freelancer? Opportunity.

An opportunity definitely exists for AI freelancer writers. For instance, if you go on Fiverr, you can find contracts that are specifically for AI writing. However, being picked for these AI freelancing contracts requires that you produce good AI content. Digital Portfolio owners are making profits, either through affiliate links or advertising. This means that the AI freelance contractor they choose must be able to draw readers and keep them engaged. They don’t just need content, they need good content. Content that generates revenue because people are coming to their portfolio sites and reading your AI freelance content. This means that the content you produce must be readable, high quality and non-robotic.

Now, we can’t teach you how to write like Jane Austen, but we can help you turn robotic sounding writing generated by AI into something more human so you can make a successful living as an AI freelance content writer.

Here’s what NOT to do:

  • Don’t rely on humanizers that aren’t for freelance writers. They often add grammar and punctuation errors as a way to avoid common detector tools – it’s gimmicky and makes you look like a bad writer. Content sites, even AI content sites, still need to present polished professional content without punctuation and grammar errors. AI Detector Pro doesn’t add punctuation mistakes in order to cloak your writing from detectors. However, as a benefit to our tool, we do offer detection capability, which you find may help you.     
  • Don’t give up Editorial Control: Don’t choose an AI humanizer that lets you press a button to immediately change your whole piece. A complete auto-rewrite reduces your editorial control, which can have drastic effects, ranging from adding grammar and punctuation mistakes to rephrasing without your knowledge. AI Detector Pro lets you choose what you want to humanize, paragraph by paragraph, sentence by sentence. We do have an option to let you auto re-write everything, but again, we believe that great AI freelance writing should be done with the same care as any other type of freelance writing. Keep your editorial control and use our paraphraser function, AI Eraser, wisely.
  • Don’t submit without checking your facts: don’t spread misinformation. If you have any facts in your content, you should double-check them. This is why AI Eraser is better for freelance writers than an auto-humanizer. As you’re editing, be mindful of citations and double-check whether you are spreading truth or misinformation.    

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