best wordpress business directory themesbest wordpress business directory themes

Looking for the best WordPress business directory themes?

The WordPress platform is great for making city guides and business directories. It has tons of features and customizations, which means you can really stand out. You can easily add a payment gateway and membership plan using WordPress, along with adding detailed listings and pages to display them. You can also integrate Google Maps and geolocation.

Additionally, WordPress offers various themes that are specifically designed for city guides and business directories. These themes come with a variety of features and functions, such as front-end dashboards for listing submission and management. They also provide an easy way to customize the look and feel of your website, so you can make sure your directory looks unique and professional.

WordPress is a great tool for making city guides and business directories, and it has lots of features and customization options, plus it has tons of themes and plugins that you can use to get the job done. It makes it easy to make a directory that looks professional.


Best WordPress Business Directory Themes -  DirectoryEngine

Our first theme on this list, DirectoryEngine is a feature-packed theme by EngineThemes that makes setting up a directory website easy and hassle-free. With a modular design and fully supported page builder, admins have complete control over how the information is presented to visitors.

The theme has a modern and professional flat design and comes with a variety of content blocks to showcase reviews, categories, testimonials, featured places and more. Users can quickly and easily submit their place listings, and there is an option to monetize the website by selling paid listing plans. Support for event listings is also included.

DirectoryEngine is one of the best WordPress business directory for a reason: it has a great design, lots of features, and is extremely easy to use. Highly recommended!


  • Fully feature packed
  • Everything you need out of the box


  • Not free


Best WordPress Business Directory Themes -  Buzzler

Powered by BuddyPress, Buzzer is a directory theme that helps you make money. You can customize the look, monetization, and payment functionality of your site with comprehensive admin functionality. It’s a great way to build a Yelp-like business directory.

Monetization options include membership fees, post fees, featured listings, and advertisements. Other features include social media integration, SEO optimization, and deep maps integration. You can customize the design of your site with the admin tool and create an amazing looking directory.

Buzzler is an excellent theme for those looking to make money quickly and easily. It’s easy to install and use, and the admin tool makes customizing the site a breeze. With the wide range of monetization options, you can start generating revenue quickly. Plus, the social media integration and SEO features make it easier for potential customers to find your directory.

One of the best WordPress business directory themes, Buzzler offers robust features and an easy-to-use admin tool to help you set up your site quickly.


  • Full featured


  • Requires BuddyPress setup, which can be complicated
  • Not free


Best WordPress Business Directory Themes -  DiningEngine

Those looking to build a local restaurant directory (think: Grubhub, Yelp, Resy) on WordPress will find DiningEngine by EngineThemes indispensable. It provides an intuitive and comprehensive experience, with tons of features and monetization options.

The design of the product is sleek and modern, with a personality all its own that won’t be obtrusive. Everything you need is right at your fingertips, with no need for expensive custom solutions.

With its user-friendly UX, users can find what they’re looking for fast. You can monetize your directory with payment plans, payment gateways and other features. Using these features and options, you can make a directory that locals and tourists will love. You can help local businesses get more customers by doing this.

Because it’s our favorite platform for building a site like Yelp or Resy, we consider DiningEngine one of the best WordPress business directory themes available today.


  • All the functionality you want in one package
  • Easy to set up


  • Not free


Best WordPress Business Directory Themes - Listingo

No list of the best WordPress business directory themes would be complete without Listingo. It’s available in multiple variations for different industries, so businesses can customize it to fit their needs. Besides monetization features, the theme also comes with a booking feature for booking appointments and a Q&A feature for customers to ask questions.

Listingo includes multiple page builders and an appointment manager, making it easy to customize the theme. There is also an importer module and one-click import option.

Google mapping and geo search are included, allowing customers to easily find businesses in their area. Customers can post reviews, giving businesses the opportunity to obtain valuable feedback.

The theme is user-friendly and easy to set up, making it suitable for all skill levels. It includes detailed instructions for users to get started.


  • Many look and feel options


  • Not as many features as some others on this list

Directory | Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

Best WordPress Business Directory Themes -  Directory | Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

Another of our top WordPress business directory themes choices is Directory by Chimpstudio It’s a multipurpose theme that’s perfect for any kind of business directory, including property listings, tourist business directories, hotels, job boards, etc.

The theme includes many features to make creating a directory a breeze. Users can monetize their site by charging for listings, or offer them for free. Advanced, location-based searching and unlimited categories are also supported.

Revolution Slider is included with the theme, allowing users to create stunning slideshows. The drag & drop page builder is easy to use and allows users to create complex layouts. There are also plenty of settings to customize colors, fonts and more.

In short, Directory is the perfect theme for creating any type of directory. It’s got everything you need to get started, and tons of customization options too.


  • Can be used for a lot of different types of business directory


  • Not as exciting looking as some others


Best WordPress Business Directory Themes -PointFinder

Another great choice, Pointfinder helps you create awesome business directory websites.

With front-end submissions, PayPal integration, custom content types, search fields, a review system, geolocation, and AJAX-enabled search, it’s got a sleek and modern design. Additionally, the theme includes skins for automotive and real estate listings, Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, SEO friendly optimization, and translation ready capabilities.

With the help of the front-end submission feature, users can quickly and easily add content to the site. The PayPal integration allows users to monetize the website, while the customizable content types and search fields give users full control over their site’s content. Additionally, the review system and geolocation features help to make the website even more engaging and user-friendly.

Pointfinder is a great theme for anyone building a business directory or listing website. It offers a modern, flat design and offers a wide range of features that make it easy for users to add content, monetize the site, and make it more user-friendly.


  • Plenty of features
  • Great usability


  • Not as beautiful a design

Javo Directory

Best WordPress Business Directory Themes -Javo Directory

Built on the Twitter Bootstrap 3 framework, Javo Directory is a powerful and comprehensive WordPress business directory theme. It’s simple, elegant, and retina-ready, and it looks great on all devices. You can make your own listing pages, search on the homepage, and rate your stuff.

Javo Directory offers PayPal integration and four front-end forms, so users can submit their information and listings easily. It also comes with Revolution Slider and Visual Composer, allowing you to create stunning pages with drag and drop ease. Plus, the developer offers a free installation service, giving you peace of mind when setting up your directory.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, Javo Directory is the perfect choice for creating an amazing business directory website.


  • Clean look and UI


  • Not free

Geocraft v2

Best WordPress Business Directory Themes -Geocraft v2

Geocraft v2 is an ideal business directory and city guide theme.With its straightforward design, members can easily add listings, manage them, and pay for them. The theme is responsive as well as comes with useful extras like the InfoBar plugin.

The lead capture system is a great way to provide extra value to members and clients. This is great for marketing and other promotional efforts. Additionally, the theme is optimized to generate passive income, making it an all-around great choice for those looking to monetize their website.

With Geocraft v2, you don’t have to mess around with page builders and large options panels. Installing and promoting the theme is easy, so you’re ready to make money right away. If you’re looking to build a city guide or business directory, Geocraft v2 is a great pick. It has a simple design and monetization focus.


  • Easy to use
  • No configuration/setup overload


  • Not as customizable as other options
  • Somewhat bland design


Best WordPress Business Directory Themes - MyListing

A great theme for those looking for a modern and professional look is MyListing. It’s easy to customize and adapt to any project you have in mind because of its easy-to-use design. It’s got a page builder, analytics suite, example designs, and a bunch of custom data types.

The theme is also well coded, which means it loads quickly and works great on mobile. The design is modern and clean, making it perfect for creating a professional-looking website.

I found that MyListing is a great theme if you want something modern, professional-looking. If you’re looking for an attractive, user-friendly theme, MyListing is perfect. It’s easy to use, comes with lots of features, and is well coded and mobile-friendly.


  • Professional and modern


  • Not free

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