The best WordPress car dealer themes are the perfect choice for car dealerships and auto trader marketplaces. With these themes, you can easily create detailed vehicle listings that can be easily searched and filtered, making them a great choice for any car dealership website.

You can easily customize  these themes  with their  feature-rich design  and payment integration, making them stand out   from the  rest. Furthermore, these themes are designed to be responsive, meaning they work well on both desktop and mobile devices. This makes it easier for customers to find and view your listings, and it also helps to boost search engine rankings.

These themes are also optimized for SEO, allowing them to rank higher in search engine results. This makes it easier for customers to find your website, and it also helps to drive more traffic to your site.

Overall, these WordPress car dealer themes offer a great solution for car dealerships and auto trader marketplaces. They have features that make them stand out from the competition, and they are designed to be user-friendly and SEO-friendly, making them the perfect choice for any car dealership website.

Auto Stars

Best WordPress Car Dealer Themes for Automotive Sales - Autostars

Autostars is the perfect solution for anyone looking to create an efficient and user-friendly vehicle marketplace or automotive classifieds website. It is built on the Bootstrap 3 framework from Twitter, making it responsive and extensible. It’s also retina-ready, SEO friendly, translation-ready, easy to install, highly customizable, and well documented.

Features like front-end submissions, searches and filters, contact forms, social networking integration, and side-by-side listing make it a great choice for webmasters looking to create a comprehensive vehicle marketplace. Plus, two additional versions of the theme are bundled – one for real estate and one for building a straight-up classifieds site.

Autostars is reliable and feature-rich, providing users with a powerful tool for creating and managing their vehicle marketplace. It has great usability with intuitive navigation and a user-friendly interface, making it easy to find what you’re looking for.

For  webmasters  looking  to build an  effective and robust vehicle  marketplace, Autostars is  an   excellent  option. Users can create   and  manage their marketplace   with  a powerful  tool   thanks  to its  feature-rich,  reliable   solution. Autostars’   great usability,  intuitive  navigation, and  user-friendly  interface make it  an excellent   choice for  creating  a successful  vehicle  marketplace.



  • Not free


Best WordPress Car Dealer Themes for Automotive Sales - Motors

Motors is a powerful and feature-rich automotive marketplace theme, perfect for car dealerships looking to showcase their inventory online. The theme provides a smooth user experience, with AJAX powered searching and filtering, and supports vehicle comparisons, loan/financing calculator, and Google Maps integration.

The Inventory Manager gives webmasters the power to create taxonomies and categories, and an infinite number of filters to help visitors find exactly what they’re looking for. It’s also compatible with WooCommerce, so you can easily monetize your site.

The Visual Composer and Slider Revolution are bundled free, so you can quickly and easily build pages and create an engaging homepage slideshow. It’s also SEO friendly and translation-ready, with WPML support, so you can reach a wider audience.

Motors is a great option for car dealerships as it packs in all the features you need to create a fully-functional automotive marketplace website. The 1-click demo install makes setup hassle-free, and the smart social sharing integration ensures your content is seen by the right people.


  • Long history of updates


  • Not free


Best WordPress Car Dealer Themes for Automotive Sales - Automotive

Automotive is the perfect theme for any car dealership website. It uses the responsive Twitter Bootstrap 3 framework, providing a sleek and modern design that is easy to customize.

The Automotive theme includes an advanced inventory management system which is easy to set up and customize, and also comes with a loan calculator. Customers can search through the inventory with an advanced filterable and sortable search option.

The theme also comes with Visual Composer, a drag & drop page building plugin, and the popular Slider Revolution plugin. It is packed with 32 fully layered Photoshop files, allowing you to make customizations with ease. It also includes six customized contact forms.

The Automotive theme is perfect for any car dealership website. It provides a modern, pixel-perfect design and comes with all the features you will need to create a website for any car dealership. It is easy to customize and offers an advanced inventory management system and loan calculator.


  • Great looking
  • Packed with features


  • Not free

Car Dealer Deluxe

Best WordPress Car Dealer Themes for Automotive Sales - Car Dealer Deluxe

Auto  dealers  will find  it  easy to  manage  their  business  with  Car    Dealer Deluxe’s  minimalistic  and contemporary design, which  offers   plenty   of car  industry-specific features.

The theme includes a built-in VIN decoder and XML/CSV car information import tool, so you can easily add cars to your inventory. Plus, the Paypal integration allows you to set up pay-per-listing or paid ads, and the self-service postings make it easy for customers to find the cars they want.

The Car Dealer Deluxe theme also has its own inventory management features and photo gallery. This makes it easy to keep track of your stock and showcase your cars in the best light. And, the theme integrates with other inventory management systems, so you can maximize efficiency.

Overall, the Car Dealer Deluxe WordPress theme is an excellent choice for auto dealers. With its many features and integration options, it provides the perfect platform for managing your business.


  • Really nice


  • Not free

Automotive (a different one)

Best WordPress Car Dealer Themes for Automotive Sales - Automotive (a different one)

Car  dealers  who  are  looking for  a  modern and stylish  theme for their  website  should choose  the  Automotive theme. It  has the same engine as    Car Dealer Deluxe,  but  with  a  darker  and  more colorful   design.   There  are  all the features you’d   expect  from a car dealer   website with   Automotive, including  inventory  management,  data    import,  paid  listings, and a  VIN decoder.

The theme is also fully responsive and translation ready, so you can reach customers from around the world. Plus, it comes with Retina images, so your website will look sharp on any device. What’s more, Automotive can generate Craigslist listings automatically, so you don’t have to worry about tedious manual posting.

In short, Automotive is a powerful and stylish theme that allows you to easily create a modern car dealer website without any hassle. It comes with all the features you need, plus a few extras that will make your website stand out from the crowd.


  • Full of great features


  • A bit pricey

Auto Image

Best WordPress Car Dealer Themes for Automotive Sales - Auto Image

Auto Image is an eye-catching one-page style theme that makes a big statement. The theme is responsive and retina ready, so it looks amazing on any device. It uses Bootstrap 3, making it easy to customize using the theme options panel. Plus, the PSD files and WooCommerce support are great bonuses.

The theme comes with a large, striking and animated photo slideshow which makes a great first impression. The layout is vertical, with the information accessible by scrolling or using the menu at the top.

Auto Image includes great documentation and support. The high star rating means you can count on above average support in case you run into problems.

In short, Auto Image is an amazing one-page style theme that is easy to use and customize, looks great, and comes with great documentation and support. It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking for an impactful and beautiful website.


  • Highly rated


  • One page


Best WordPress Car Dealer Themes for Automotive Sales - Redline

Redline is a powerful car dealership WordPress theme that provides a great user experience. It comes with the Premium Car Dealership plugin, which is a $30 value, allowing users to search and customize options for their vehicle inventory.

The theme is translation ready and fully responsive for any device. It is retina-ready and features an unlimited color scheme with a front-end color picker. Plus, there is video documentation and demo content to help you get your site up and running quickly.

If  you  want a professional   and  modern car dealership  website,  Redline is a great  choice. In addition,   its responsive  design  allows customers to   access the site from  any device,    thanks  to its powerful  search capabilities.  With its easy-to-manage   features, customers can easily manage and  customize the website.


  • Popular


  • Not updated as recently as others

Car Dealer WordPress Theme

Best WordPress Car Dealer Themes for Automotive Sales - Car Dealer WordPress Theme

Car Dealer is the perfect theme for anyone looking to create a website for a car dealership or auto trading site. It offers an understated and contemporary design and is packed with features and functionality. It includes a loan calculator, user and dealer profiles, photo branding, sold and featured labels, a powerful search widget, comparison pages, watch lists, and PayPal support.

The loan calculator allows users to calculate their monthly payments for a car. The user and dealer profiles give customers the chance to find out more about the cars and the dealers, while the photo branding feature allows dealers to customize the look and feel of the website. The sold and featured labels make it easy to see which cars have been sold or are being featured.

It’s easy to find and  compare  cars with  the powerful search widget.    The  comparison  pages  let  customers compare  different  cars  side-by-side.  Watch lists  let customers  save cars they’re  interested  in.

Finally, the PayPal support is integrated with pricing tables to make payments quick and easy. Car Dealer is a great theme that provides everything you need to run a successful car dealership or auto trading website.


  • Lots of cool comparison tools


  • Not free


Best WordPress Car Dealer Themes for Automotive Sales - AutoMall

This theme is perfect for car dealerships looking to provide a great user experience. With its classic, clean design, users can easily browse through listings and find the perfect car for them. The advanced search feature allows users to search by state, city, zipcode and more. Additionally, users can take advantage of Google Maps and GEO location to quickly find the closest dealership.

A  VIN   decoder, CARFAX  integration, and   XML/CSV import capabilities   are  also  included in this  theme.  In  addition  to  being optimized  for speed  and performance,  the  theme ensures that   your  website  loads quickly  on  every  device  and    looks  fantastic. This  makes   it  easy to   keep  track of  inventory and  update  it    quickly  and efficiently.

Overall, this theme is a great choice for car dealerships that want a professional website with plenty of features. With its advanced search, VIN decoder, CARFAX integration and more, it’s sure to provide an excellent user experience and help you get more leads and sales.


  • Great design


  • No reviews

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