If you want to delve into the metaverse — or you’re investing in a metaverse website — but don’t know where to start, WordPress is still one of the simplest and easiest to use platforms to showcase your portfolio because there are so many WordPress themes accessible right now. The majority of themes are highly configurable and can be combined with other plugins to improve the functionality of a website.

Metaverse is one of the most significant innovations of this decade, despite the fact that it was envisioned decades ago when the World Wide Web was just emerging. This decade, the 2020s, marks the beginning of companies and startups attempting to adapt to the new ways in which we will engage with the internet in the future, and some of these include blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), virtual reality, AI, and augmented reality.

We have evaluated the top metaverse themes available for use. As the metaverse as a whole is a broad concept, the themes on this list will have a variety of functions. Some primarily include landing pages for portfolios aimed at highlighting metaverse technologies like virtual reality or augmented reality and showing roadmaps on what to expect in the development of the product or service. Some have extensive features such as the ability to mint NFT, connect with wallets such as Metamask and other cryptocurrency wallets, and offer a fully functional store.

How we chose the best WordPress metaverse themes

Even though the metaverse is in its infancy, there are a lot of WordPress options out there for metaverse themes. However, there are some that are better than others. For instance, some themes are less graphical and look unprofessional. Others are nice looking but aren’t well tailored to the metaverse. And still others are just not very user friendly.

In this article, we went through hundreds of themes and found some of the best ones. These themes have metaverse specific functionality and many include some special features that make them perfect for your metaverse business.


cryption - the best wordpress metaverse themes

Cryption, as is evident from the name, is one of the best metaverse themes for ICOs and cryptocurrencies. If you intend to exhibit your upcoming tokens and raise funding, you must have a well-crafted and modern design to attract investors or potential sponsors of your projects.

It features all the widgets you need for the best Initial Coin Offering (ICO) landing page, such as roadmaps, a countdown timer for your ICO, and the ability to display your team to prospective investors. And it supports video and parallax backgrounds, as well as multiple pagination choices. The website is also mobile-friendly, making it incredibly accessible from anywhere.

Cryption is very flexible and SEO-friendly. It comes with the WPBakery Page Builder and other great plugins to help you make a landing page for your metaverse project that looks great.


  • Modern design perfect for crypto and metaverse business


  • Does not have cryptocurrency wallet integration


cryptoland - the best wordpress metaverse themes

Crypto-land is a landing page for cryptocurrencies or initial coin offerings. It is similar to Cryption in that it is made for websites about technology and the metaverse.

If you choose Crypto-land as the starting point for your website’s theme, you will not only have access to a useful template for landing pages through the “one click import” feature of the WordPress theme, but you will also be able to clean up the template without having to write as much code because WPBakery Page Builder is built into the theme itself. 

It also comes with a plethora of pre-installed plugins, and if you wish to host a WooCommerce site, installing the WooCommerce plugin will not break Crypto-land. There are more useful plugins included with this theme, such as a contact form builder and a website caching plugin.


  • Bundled with plugins like WPBakery Page Builder


  • Does not have cryptocurrency wallet integration


divi - the best wordpress metaverse themes

For a no-frills NFT landing page to showcase your next project, Divi is a simple yet very elegant-looking WordPress theme that utilizes its own page builder. Divi has metaverse themes included in it’s bundle.

It is a one-page landing page, which is usually sufficient to showcase a project. It includes sections for the roadmap, a product gallery, and a concise explanation of the team members involved in the project. Everything a hopeful investor or buyer needs to see to assess your project’s legitimacy.


  • Well-optimized landing page for your next NFT project


  • Not free


cryptico - the best wordpress metaverse themes

If you are seeking a Crypto ICO landing page for your next metaverse project, Cryptico is an excellent metaverse theme. It offers more than 10 landing page designs, accessible in both light and dark variations, which gives your website a very powerful and professional appearance.

It has a token countdown meter, and you may display the token distribution to prospective investors. In addition, it contains a road map that displays the project’s schedule. A landing page may also use a parallax background, which genuinely modernizes the page and can attract investors.

Thanks to WPBakery Page Builder, Cryptico is highly customizable, allowing you to modify your landing page to your preference.


  • Elegant, simple, yet modern design
  • Multiple designs available


  • Not free


bithu- the best wordpress metaverse themes

Bithu is one of our favorite metaverse themes, designed for NFT minting and collection landing pages. It has a contemporary design and includes all the necessary pages and parts for a well-designed landing page on your NFT minting website.

It also uses Elementor Page Builder to allow for easy customization of the landing page’s sections. You may change your “about” page, “contact” page, and “frequently asked questions” (FAQS) page with ease. It contains a functional contact form, which is essential if you want prospective clients to sign up for your newsletter. Additionally, there is a pop-up for connecting your cryptocurrency wallet.

The only missing features for this WordPress theme are the login for the cryptocurrency wallet and the backend integration of the actual mining. According to the author, Uigigs, the WordPress theme is still being actively developed, and it may be modified in the future to include this functionality.

Nevertheless, Bithu is an attractive theme if you intend to launch a website for NFT mining. It has a beautiful design, but the backend minting must still be integrated.


  • Includes NFT Collections, Roadmap, Team Member, FAQs sections also have Web 3.0 wallet connection popup


  • Only has the popup for crypto wallet login, so you still have to do integration in the backend


cryptic- the best wordpress metaverse themes

Cryptic is designed exclusively for those who wish to create a cryptocurrency-related website, be it an ICO landing page or a website for a metaverse-related business.

It features price converters and tickers with live updates, in addition to showing roadmaps and the whitepaper, which are essential for any cryptocurrency-related business because they convey confidence in your token, business, or project.

You can select from the designs for a cryptocurrency blog, an ICO landing page, or blockchain consulting for your business, among others. You can combine other modeltheme creations with this theme to add more functionality, such as an NFT Marketplace.

Some crypto-specific features are also available, such as the Bitcoin Explorer for searching bitcoin addresses and transactions, the ability for users to submit their own ICO if you allow it, and, as mentioned before, a currency exchange calculator and live prices that you can use if you choose Cryptic as your WordPress theme. 


  • Several designs to try
  • Plenty of shortcodes to utilize to create amazing crypto-related website


  • Not free


crypterio - the best wordpress metaverse themes

Crypterio is currently one of the best-selling metaverse WordPress themes. It has a clean design for any metaverse-related business that you are working on, whether you are showcasing NFT artwork, having an ICO landing page for your new token, or offering blockchain consulting for your clients. It fits perfectly for any type of metaverse business.

This WordPress theme is compatible with all devices, browsers, and platforms. It is also retina-ready. Additionally, it features Visual Composer as a bundled page builder. No coding is needed to update, improve, delete, or add blocks to a page using the front-end editor.

Crypterio also offers real-time exchange rates and a currency converter, which is an incredible tool. Similar to other WordPress themes listed in this article, the smart contract is not integrated into the theme, so it must be added manually. However, you can still link your NFT artworks to third-party marketplaces such as OpenSea.


  • Multiple designs with different functionality
  • Multiple widgets for cryptocurrencies


  • Not free


gamic- the best wordpress metaverse themes

Gamic is an outstanding WordPress theme designed for metaverse games and cryptocurrency. It contains everything you need if you intend to promote your play-to-earn NFT games, virtual reality services, or metaverse-related business.

It is incredibly user-friendly, as it utilizes Elementor as a site builder and integrates WooCommerce with the Elegro Crypto plugin to enable cryptocurrency payments. Since this WordPress theme is relatively new, more designs will be added in the near future. It has different front page layouts right now, like a blog about esports and a landing page for NFT play-to-earn. 

The design is very responsive, even on small screens, and you can change the font and pop-ups. It also works with MailChimp, GDPR Compliance, and Contact Form 7, among others. 


  • WooCommerce store that accepts Crypto payments
  • Great looking


  • Not free


Neoh is an NFT portfolio and landing page WordPress theme that is ideal for artists looking to construct a portfolio page for their NFT artworks. It can also be used as a normal portfolio page without the NFT part, since its only purpose is to show artwork no matter what. 

The only variation between the four demos is the first section of the landing page, which might be a half slider, full kenburns, or static main page.

The most impressive element of Neoh is its interactive roadmap, which visitors can click to learn more about upcoming artworks from your team. Additionally, it has a seamless transition for pop-ups before visitors may click to access the NFT marketplace, such as through OpenSea.

If you wish to generate interest in your website, you may also establish blogs. In addition, you may create your own collection, which prospective clients can quickly filter. You can adjust the filters that customers see, which can simplify navigation if you sell a large number of NFT artworks. Obviously, it can also serve as a portfolio if, for instance, you intend to present a concept to a brand.


  • Great template for sharing your NFT art in the web
  • A great option for portfolios


  • Not free


enefti- the best wordpress metaverse themes

Enefti is a unique NFT landing page and marketplace that lives up to its name by catering to individuals who are interested in exploring the metaverse. It’s one of the top metaverse themes available.

For its collection/marketplace page, the WordPress theme includes filters, a search feature, and shop pagination. The designs available for use are excellent, whether you like a full website with a landing page or simply an NFT marketplace to promote your collection while incorporating NFT artwork from opensea if visitors wish to purchase it.

Alternatively, it is WooCommerce-ready if you wish to fully manage your own marketplace on your website. Unfortunately, if you want a complete setup, you must purchase the Enefti NFT Marketplace Core, which adds an additional function to the Enefti WordPress theme and has multiple add-ons to seamlessly add many integrations, such as Metamask authenticator and NFT Creator addons, which also allow other users to upload their NFT to your website.

Overall, Enefti is a fantastic WordPress theme; however, it might be pretty pricey if you intend to host NFT marketplace transactions on your website, as it requires several add-ons.


  • Highly-customizable WordPress theme
  • Mobile-ready
  • NFT shortcodes to display products in a unique way


  • Multiple paid add-ons required to fully work as a NFT Marketplace for your website


nata- the best wordpress metaverse themes

Nata is one of the most aesthetically pleasing WordPress themes for showing off different play-to-earn NFT projects. Each project can have its own tabs with information about its roadmap, tokenomics, and more. 

With more than 5 available demos that you may test and use as the basis for your website, Nata can be a versatile theme for your forthcoming project. It can be used for Dex Offering, the Gaming Metaverse launchpad, and a lot of other things. 

The theme leverages the Elementor page builder with 31+ custom Elementor widgets, making it simple to customize the theme with the available page builder and frameworks for the website. It includes a fully responsive design that is compatible with all browsers and devices, and if you want people to subscribe to your newsletter, it contains an ajax-powered contact form for a smooth transition when visitors start signing up for your projects.


  • An excellent NFT landing page
  • Great for play-to-earn NFT websites


  • Not free

Key points

There are many metaverse themes available for WordPress, and you’re bound to find something you like for either a startup or a small business. In this list, we found the best ones in our opinion, with some of the best features and design.

By Raj