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  • BIPOC students face higher risk of academic integrity allegations

    EQUITY GAPS IN EDUCATION PUT BIPOC STUDENTS AT RISK In April we wrote about suggested guidelines for educators when developing AI guidelines and we followed up with a blog for students and created resources for students to protect themselves against false positives on original work. Many in our industry casually brush off the issue of […]

  • More Characters Matter

    How we give you an accurate risk score and why You may have noticed differences between AI Detector Pro and other solutions – We Give You Better Product Even we don’t know where AI is going to go in education. Institutional policies and discussions are at the very outset, which means they aren’t set in […]

  • 3 Reasons to Be Careful with Generative AI

    You might own or work at a content business, or you’re an employee responsible for producing content for a business. You might even be a student or intern under a tight deadline. Let’s say you need to craft a health information piece in email format for patients who meet a target profile, but the information […]

  • AI might be a C- Writer

    AI might be a C- Writer

    In our last blog, we advised that students invest in an AI Detection software like AI Detector Pro in order to be aware of whether you will be falsely flagged as having cheated. In this blog, we advise you to invest in AI Detector Pro for another reason. AI software is still new, and frankly, […]

  • Navigating AI in Education: What is the policy?

    Navigating AI in Education: What is the policy?

    AI In Education: Our Student Guide Have you ever felt like a teacher has an opinion about you that is unfair? They’re judging you for something you can’t control and has nothing to do with your talent? A teacher was published in the Washington Post in an article where he admitted that he took time […]